Jung Byung-Hyun

English version
Mother - 2006
Mixed media
Mixed media

"I tried to become aware of the flow of thinking melt in time and space of life in the wrapper made use of cotton cloth.
Fr a long time the cotton cloth has come into our daily lives and has been used among us very often, further - more it has become the symbol of Korean lifestyle.
I tried to express the tree box, sky and traditional pattern expressed in an extreme fact among them to be the original yearning for freedom as a surge of the mind in the wrapper"

San Diego Art Fair and Seoul Art Fair

Graduated from the Graduate School, Yeongnam University
1st solo exhibition (Jimharter, LA)

4 times solo exhibitions :
JimHarter, L.A. - Gallery Ann (Seoul) - CJ Gallery (San Diego) - INSA Art Center (Seoul)
Korea watercolor public subscription exhibition (winning a prize)

South Contemporary Fine Arts Festival (Jeju Culture hall)

Asia Watercolor Confederation Exhibition

Beauty of Korea, invitation exhibition (Gallery PICI, Seoul)

Mul-Pa Art Invitation Exhibition

Beauty of Korea exhibition (Insa Art Plaza, Seoul)

Life and humorous exhibition (Sejong Culture Center, Seoul)

Korea - USA international interchange exhibition (Deagu Culture Center, Daegu)

Yejiang invitation exhibition (Deagu)

Korea Watercolor Association, CheongDo Fine At Association, teacher at MBC Culture Center
Space Time, afterwards - 2005
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